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ROOM 1 – New Vegan / Student Talks

12pm – 10 Steps to Going Vegan by the Vegan Approach

Are you thinking about going vegan? Have you tried being vegan before but come across some challenges? Are you a new vegan? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then please join us at our workshop. During the workshops we outline our 10 simple steps to start you on your vegan journey including what to buy, where to eat, and how to deal with family and friends. We will also answer any questions you have about going vegan.

1pm – The voice of reason is the voice for animals by Doug Maw

How a calm, measured approach is changing perceptions of vegans in the workplace, through the media and in our communities


2pm – Dean Bracher – A Students Practical Step to Veganism

I have given 600 talks on veganism to students in various education establishments over the aast 10 years and been vegan 5 years longer than that. To me education is a vital link in creating a more ethical world and an understanding of the impacts of our choices. In this time there has been a massive development in veganism with its growth across the country and world. This talk will support you with practical advice and help you find your own vegan path and knowledge to support your ethical choices. Please come and find out how veganism can be for you and for all of life

3pm – Vegan education for the twitter generation by Kev Charlton from Some Vegan Facts

The creator of instagram account Some Vegan Facts (@someveganfacts) talks about how he’s used the social platform to help him in his transition into veganism, and explores how the medium is being used to educate and empower other new vegans in varying creative ways. The talk will explore some of the tactics that can be employed to increase reach, generate new followers and measure engagement, hopefully giving valuable insight to other individuals and small businesses

4pm – Billy Collins from Honest Edibles

Medicinal plants and our evolution through veganism


ROOM 2 – Health and Nutrition / Environmental Talks

12pm –  The Spiritual Consequences for all Earthlings of Mass Animal Abuse by Kate E A Berridge (Vegan for 42 years) from Celtic Spiritual Healing

Exploring how mass animal abuse affects the spiritual evolution of the Earth, animals and humans. The 30- minute talk includes a positive vision of compassion for all life-forms. Your questions are welcome after the talk

Kate is a pioneering Vegan spiritual-healer, animal whisperer, writer, speaker, teacher of healing, meditation and animal communication and creator of Earthall®

1pm – Health Benefits of a Whole Food Plant Based Diet by Vegan Cyclist Mick Walker

It is entirely unacceptable for humans to exploit animals in any way whatsoever – whether for food, other products, such as leather, or for entertainment.

The idea of not eating meat is nothing new – Pythagoras was an early advocate of a plant-based diet – but so many of us were brought up to believe that the maintenance of health and fitness can only be achieved on a diet based around animal protein.

We now have incontrovertible evidence that this is entirely incorrect – indeed it is becoming clear that the healthiest of diets is a Whole Food Plant Based Diet.

This means a diet based 100% on plants – and they should be consumed in a form that is as close as possible to how they were grown and harvested. It should include little, if any processed or refined products – for example, no added sugar or oil.

In this talk, I will outline some of the evidence for this and look at some top athletes who live on a plant based diet.

I will also explain exactly what should be included in such a diet on a daily basis.

2pm – Earthall Meditation ~ Love and Honour for all Beings by Kate E A Berridge (Vegan for 42 years) from Celtic Spiritual Healing

A 35 minute Meditation. Come and experience the Earthall system of healing-meditation, rooted in respect and compassion for all life. Learn natural methods to stay strong by connecting with sacred Earth-energy and the power of your own Soul. All Are Welcome.

Kate is a pioneering Vegan spiritual-healer, animal whisperer, writer, speaker, teacher of healing, meditation and animal communication and creator of Earthall®

3pm – Vegan energy boosters: staying energised the natural way by Dominica Alicia Roszko from Vegerasta 

Sadly, many people in our culture still turn to excessive caffeine to boost their energy throughout the day which can often leave them feeling sluggish. Join Dominica Alicia Roszko an expert in living a different way as she talks about ways that people can stay energised, happy and healthy throughout the day with natural foods.
Dominica Alicia Roszko believes in the power (and magic) of tapping into your mind, body & soul and consciously creating a life you dream of. Her goal is to empower people to live a happier, healthier & lighter life by naturally transitioning into a more plant based whole foods diet.

Through her personal journey of overcoming severe eczema and losing 20kg during this transformation, she knows firsthand the importance of making a lifestyle shift instead of counting calories, dreading scales and feeling deprived of foods you love. She redesigned her life and experienced not only an outer transformation but a deep inner shift as well

4pm – The Spiritual Significance of Ethical Veganism by Kate E A Berridge (Vegan for 42 years) from Celtic Spiritual Healing

This talk explores veganism as an ecologically vital, life-enhancing spiritual philosophy. Kate’s talk includes a vision of humans as the loving Green Guardians of the Earth and other animals

Kate is a pioneering Vegan spiritual-healer, animal whisperer, writer, speaker, teacher of healing, meditation and animal communication and creator of Earthall®

ROOM 3 – Yoga Classes

12pm – Vitalising Vinyasa Yoga by Naomi Chavasse from The King Pigeon

This workshop will be focused on poses and sequences that will energise you and get your heart pumping. After lots of fun and flowing we will take the pace a little slower and finish with a relaxation to harvest all the energy we have built leaving us refreshed and revitalised. All levels welcome, from complete beginners through to seasoned yogis. Expect to stretch, strengthen and most of all have fun.

1.30pm – Bums Session by Cavalli Online Fitness

Cavalli Online Fitness run fantastic online personal training sessions run by a fully vegan personal trainer!

2pm – Detoxing Twists by Naomi Chavasse from The King Pigeon

In this workshop we will be working on poses that detox and cleanse the body by stimulating, massaging and oxygenating muscles and organs within the body. We’ll be twisting and turning our way through the class incorporating all forms of poses from balances to seated postures. All levels welcome, there will be something for everyone.

3pm – Laughter Yoga session by Sunshine and Laughter

Raise your energy and joy levels! Laughter is incredibly important to our health and well-being. The science behind laughter is complex yet simple – we laugh – we feel good – we set off a chain reaction inside from the release of neuro chemicals and feel a great emotional release. Laughter Workshops are beneficial for everyone!

4pm – Relax & Restore By Skipton Yoga

Unwind with this 45 minute relax and restore yoga class. Simple slow postures will allow your body and mind to find true peace and calmness. A perfect way to end your day.

ROOM 4 – Cookery Demos 

12pm – Simply Inspiring Meals for One by Vegetarian For Life Roving Chef Maggie Lister

VfL understands the difficulties in catering for just one vegetarian or vegan. Indeed, some of the most popular pages on our website are our Easy Recipes for One. So this demo focuses on senior vegetarians and vegans who cook for themselves.

The recipes in our Cooking for One guide are designed to make just one or two portions. VfL’s roving chef demonstrates some dishes inspired by the guide, which is available free of charge.

1pm – Billy Collins from Honest Edibles

Vegan sushi and medicinal foods


2pm – Bute Island Cookery Demo – Mac and Cheese Mid Week Meal

3pm – Bute Island Cookery Demo – No Bake Lime and Ginger Cheesecake


FD BAR – Viva! Talks and Speed Dating

12pm – Why You Don’t Need Dairy By Tony Wardle, Associate Director, Viva!; editor of Viva!Life magazine
Is it natural to consume milk after weaning? Indeed, is it safe to consume cow’s milk at all? Tony explores the many health issues and new research showing why dairy is linked to cancers; how natural growth hormones in milk affect us and what are the dangers of milk protein and saturated fats? Also, if we don’t consume dairy where should we get calcium? With free materials to help you go dairy-free for this talk only.

1pm – The Safety of Soya By Veronika Powell MSc, Health Campaigner, Viva!Health

Debunking the bunkum – and there’s lots of it! Is soya a superfood or health risk? Find out the latest, accurate information

2pm –  Dairy, Beef and Bullshit By Tony Wardle, Associate Director, Viva!; author of Diet of Disaster & editor of Viva!Life magazine

Eating meat and milk is a main cause of the 15 degenerative diseases that kill most of us. It also destroys the global environment. And yet politicians, media, royalty and gentry all encourage us to keep on consuming because they do nicely out of it

3pm –  Veganism On The Map, How Do We Best Represent It? By Martin Menehan aka Vegan Geezer 

Exploring how veganism has become established within the mainstream, how it is viewed by others, and the different forms of advocacy/activism we are choosing to use and what can be strategically more effective.

4pm – Speed Dating


ROOM 5 – Animal Welfare and Education / Nutritional Talks

12pm – Your Cup of Tea; Damage, Freedom and Going Wild!

Something you probably drink every day, it’s just your cup of tea, but how deep are you willing to look? This is an inspirational, occasionally shocking talk by Dragons Den success, Personal Trainer and author Richard Enion who will share wisdom on how your tea can connect you with your deepest health and philosophy. www.ENRICHD.ORG/BLOG

1pm – Barefoot Bitless and Whipless A Vegan Approach to Horses

Pendal Spring Song our beloved horse has been the guide, teacher and mentor on this incredible journey between human and horse to veganism. This book is shocking in it’s honesty but very inspiring. This book views the horse as sentient being and is the fore runner of a movement which is awakening all over the world as the new breed of horse guardians are stirring up a revolution and kicking back against the cruelty and ignorance dominating the horse world. It is estimated that by 2050 we will be living in a world containing 10 billion people and in an ideal utopia the author would like to see all animals released from domestication and slavery and given the right to reclaim their freedom and wildness. The truth is that this may not be possible …. As the human population explodes and land resources become more depleted we must therefore progress forward to a world where all have equal rights and where there is no speciesism. Horses are the link to a better world because of their sensitivity and healing powers and this is the story of how one horse, Pendal Spring Song, has started that journey towards liberation and a non-violent world.

2pm – Eat like pro athletes: Diet Tweaks for Improved Fitness by Christine Vardaros, professional vegan cyclist

Christine shares all she’s learned over the last 17 years while competing as an international pro cyclist on a plant-based diet. She simply explains every big nutritional topic that affects vegans, as well as the newest trends in diet. You’ll walk away armed with knowledge as well as motivated with ideas on how to positively tweak your own diet and tackle your own personal athletic adventures.

3pm – Positively vegan for life by Maggie Lister, Vegetarian for Life

Veganism is a key part of a considered and compassionate lifestyle. This talk will empower you to speak about veganism positively to friends and family, answering even the most awkward of questions with ease. Also find out what you can do to support the entire vegan community, especially those in vulnerable positions such as supported living and hospitals. Delivered by charity VfL’s Roving Chef.

4pm – Squirrels, Conservation and Six-Day Creation

Presenting some sound-bites of information on grey squirrels that show them for the charming and intelligent animals that they are and to shine a spotlight on the irrational anthropocentric paradigm in conservation that justifies the killing of some animals in order to help others

Live Music

12pm – Arwen

22 year old Arwen grew up and is based Birmingham. She is currently recording and producing her debut EP and also performing around the UK to promote this. Her live music is an acoustic indie pop style with contemporary British vocals.

1pm – Barbara Helen

In 2010 I released my debut solo CD “An Unfamiliar Place”. The songs are a personal account of a distinct period of my life that could only be perceived from a distance. Like a picture puzzle of dots, once you discover the image within, all becomes clear.

2pm – Emily Toward

I am an 18 year old singer who performs a variety of music from Make You Feel My Love by Adele to Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis to Maybe This Time from Cabaret.

3pm – Leeds Folk Fiddle Group

The group loves to perform at local events, festivals, cider nights, folk clubs and open mics. They like to play at charity events to help raise funds for a good cause. They have more than 100 tunes in their repertoire!

4pm – Leeds Folk Fiddle Group

The group loves to perform at local events, festivals, cider nights, folk clubs and open mics. They like to play at charity events to help raise funds for a good cause. They have more than 100 tunes in their repertoire!